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Queen's Horn lucky necklace

Queen's Horn lucky necklace

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With this necklace you can combine luck and elegance.

- History of the Queen's Horn:

The red horn, a lucky charm belonging to the Neapolitan tradition, is today famous throughout the world. However, not everyone knows that in addition to the simple version, currently the most widespread, there is another equally well-known one with a crown on top, which is called the "Queen's Horn" . The crown is a symbol of power, divinity and wealth.

- How to activate the horn?

The horn, whether Neapolitan or not, to truly bring good luck, must meet some precise requirements: it must be red, crooked, pointed and received as a gift.

According to popular tradition, to bring good luck, the horn must be broken at the tip, so as to ward off bad luck from the person and the house. Once the horn is broken it must not be repaired in any way so as not to lose its protective power.

The necklace is available in different colors. Red, yellow, blue, orange, white and black

Materials: Brass necklace;

Enamelled brass pendant.

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